Gränbystaden, a shopping mall situated in Uppsala, Sweden and owned by real-estate investor Atrium Ljungberg, has chosen Portier as their platform for parking guidance. Gränbystaden has about 9 million visitors annually and those can visit over 140 different shops and service providers that spread over the space of 64 000 m2. In order to support the daily business as well as their amibitious growth plans, Gränbystaden has invested in parking guidance solution which will improve the customer experience, reduce unnecessary driving and pollution and improve the capacity utilization of different parking areas.

Portier together with our Swedish partner, Blinkfyrar, has supplied a complete solution that covers nearly 3000 spaces in the outdoor areas as well as indoor garage. Solution combines multiple technologies such as induction loop counting for the outdoor parking areas, ultrasonic sensors to the indoor garage and dynamic parking guidance displays to the surrounding road network. Complete system is running on Portier HOST platform which is capable of integrating different technologies into single, seamless user experience. And as the overall Gränbystaden area will continue to expand to a new satellite center of Uppsala, Portier HOST offers a great platform to add new parking areas and facilities.

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