The historic city of Karlskrona in the middle of the beautiful Swedish archipelago, is truly worth to visit. The vibrant city offers nice boutiques, art galleries, bakeries, as well as shopping possibilities in the North Europe’s biggest stone-paved marketplace.

The city is easily accessible even by cars. Portier parking guidance displays installed in the traffic signs manufactured by our local partner in Sweden, Blinkfyrar AB, along the main roads leading to the city centre are showing the direction and availability of parking spaces in real time in several parking facilities. The guidance makes it extremely easy for the arriving visitors to drive straight to the specific parking garage without idle driving around the city searching for the parking space. The helpful parking guidance decreases unnecessary traffic and improves the quality of air in Karlskrona.

A modern shopping centre Kronan offers its customers a place to park their vehicle while exploring its boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. The garage in Kronan has also Portier parking guidance display at the entrance of the building showing the real time space availability in that facility. Inside the garage there are parking guidance displays directing drivers towards the free spaces in the building. Each parking space is equipped with Portier space specific parking sensor showing either red or green LED lights indicating availability of each space.

The parking data from Kronan is transferred via API to the Karlskrona municipality’s system which also obtains data from on-street parking machines via the same API interface. Karlskrona municipality’s solution thus combines information from multiple sources and then sends the data to each parking guidance display in the city’s roads. Portier HOST is a unique parking guidance platform combining different technologies into single seamless user experience. High quality parking guidance makes visiting of Karlskrona a pleasant and welcoming experience ensuring that visitors will return to the city and reuse the well organised parking opportunities.

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