Portier HOST

Portier HOST represents a completely new type of thinking in parking management and guidance. Whereas the traditional systems require local hardware and expensive software licenses, HOST is cloud solution that does not require local servers, physical cablings or licensed softwares. Such flexibility and cost-effectiveness gives HOST a unique advantage where one can effectively manage small parking facilities without extensive investments and on the other hand, mobile infrastructure means quick and effective deployments also in large installations where physical cabling would be difficult and expensive to arrange.

Technically, HOST creates encrypted virtual private network (VPN) between the connection nodes in the field and the cloud server. Depending on the customer need, HOST node can contain calculation technology (e.g. induction loops), guidance displays, authentication (e.g. RFID) or barriers – all of which can be controlled through the cloud.  

Overall system architecture is simple and modularity of the design facilitates easy tailoring according to each particular need. System configuration as well as possible updates can be done via the HOST server.

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