Central Park Ltd specializes in consultation, planning, construction and operation of parking facilities. The company currently operates 34 parking facilities with more than 9,500 parking spaces in Israel. Central Park is a quality certified company using state-of-the-art technology in its locations.

Central Park chose Portier space-specific parking sensors as well as Portier parking guidance displays to improve their customers’ parking experiences. Entry signs show the amount of available spaces even before entering the parking facility. Parking guidance displays indicate the amount of free spaces in different floors and driving lanes decreasing idle driving around the garage. Green and red LED lights above each parking space indicate for the driver whether the place is taken or not. Parking sensors also provide calculation data for the Portier HOST platform and for the displays. In addition to the space specific parking sensors, induction loops are being used on the rooftop levels carrying out the calculation of entering and existing vehicles.

Portier ParkSensor

All the different technologies and counting methods are connected to Portier HOST, our unique parking management platform. Central Park has local servers in each parking facility in which Portier HOST software is running. Portier HOST combines the data from different garages into a single dashboard view where all parking activities in each location can be monitored and controlled. Additionally, Portier HOST provides the parking operator with several useful reports assisting in their pricing decisions for example.

Portier has been delivering parking guidance products for the following Central Park locations:

  • Shoken (Tel Aviv)
  • Karta (Jerusalem)
  • City Tower (Tel Aviv)
  • Gruzenberg (Tel Aviv)
  • Isralis (Tel Aviv)

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