Joensuu, the regional center of Northern Carelia in Finland, is developing overall parking infrastructure in the downtown area. As part of the development, city’s traditional market square has been completely renovated and it offers a cozy venue for people to enjoy different events and daily life. Market square has also underground parking facility with approximately 400 parking spaces  and the facility is equipped with Portier Vision, camera-based guidance solution that utilizes image recognition to analyze space availability and to automatically read license-plates. Camera-based system will also provide other benefits such as additional security through recording of movement around the vehicle – an extremely useful source of information in handling different customer claims.

Vision provides an all-inclusive parking guidance experience: upon entry, it helps drivers to locate available spaces and upon return to their vehicle, drivers can utilize Vision search kiosks to locate their vehicle. And like our other parking guidance solutions, Vision features integrated audio that can be used as an additional revenue source or as a hospitality tool.

Portier welcomes yet another customer under our Portier HOST umbrella – the only platform one needs for effective parking guidance!

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